Splash, Surf, Sail: Water Sport Essentials

With over 2,000 known lakes, approximately 107,651 miles of river and over 200 days of sunshine, Idaho is one of the best places to be outside and on the water. We gathered up some of the best gear for aquatic adventures, so you’ll be ready to go whether you’re spending a leisurely day on the lake or riding river waves under the sun.

Sawtooth Touring Kayak | AIRE

For those that want to get out on the water but need a touring device that is easy to store and transport, look no farther than the Sawtooth Touring Kayak from AIRE. This lightweight, inflatable, kayak has two seats and features an inflatable V hull which makes it more stable than the typical hard-shell kayak. With enough room to carry yourself, a friend and your gear, all you have to do is pump this baby up and you’re ready for a day on the lake or a long weekend on the water.

Hyper River Surfboard | Hydrus

Hydrus makes some of the best boards for water, roads and snow on the market and the Hyper River Surfboard is definitely one of them. The wide, diamond-shaped nose and tail make this board shorter with a wider surface area to enhance movement and trail water. The board also features parallel rails for speed and high performance. Whether you’ve just begun to dip your toes in the sport or are a seasoned river surfer, Hydrus’ Hyper River Surfboard is one of the best you can buy.

River Tarp | Dragon Fly Tarps

If you’ve ever been caught in a summer storm while on an adventure, you likely never leave the house now without a trusted tarp in your gear. Dragon Fly Tarps makes bringing a tarp along even easier thanks to the customizable, compact and colorful designs. Their tarps are built with Polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon, making them lightweight, durable and flexible, and can be held up by either poles or raft oars so you can minimize gear if needed. Wherever you’re headed this summer, you’ll be prepared for rain, storm or shine under a Dragon Fly River Tarp.

The Sawtooth Package | Tenkara Rod Co.

Ultra lightweight, perfectly portable and handcrafted with love, the Sawtooth Package by Tenkara Rod Co. has everything you need to get out and fish. Tenkara makes top-of-the-line and easy-to-use fishing rods that feature a swivel tip to keep your line from getting tangled. The package also comes with a fishing line, a line spool, three hand-tied flies and a spool of 5x tippet made by Rio. All you have to do is throw this perfectly simple package in your pack and water.

65L Bill’s Bag Dry Bag | NRS

You love water, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all of your gear does. Cue Bill’s Bag Dry Bag from NRS. This midsize dry bag is perfect for weekend trips down the river or overnight camping near the lake when you have certain things that need to steer clear of moisture. The bag is waterproof, sealed with the StormStrip closure system and features a removable backpack harness for customizable carry. It’s no surprise this bag has been a go-to