Idaho Haunted Outdoors

As we all know, Idaho outdoors has unprecedented scenery and countless activities are found within the state. However, striking views and good fun aren’t the only things Idaho brings to the table! Thrills and chills can also be found here in the Gem State. We’re all about the outdoors, especially during the eerie months! Idaho has all kinds of places with haunting experiences and paranormal activity. Here are 10 spooky outdoor places in Idaho to explore.

Cherry Springs Nature Area – Pocatello

Pocatello is known as the most haunted city in Idaho. Paranormal activity and haunted legends lurk in the city. Cherry Springs Nature Trail is a leisurely walk usually frequented by many. The trail is surrounded by a variety of plant life and is a beautiful place to view fall foliage. But when the sun goes down, electromagnetic readers have been known to light up and the trail has left visitors with feelings of being watched!

Ammon Park – Pocatello

Our next stop in Pocatello lands us just off I-15 at Ammon Park. This is a popular area for social gatherings and birthday parties. However, past the lush, green grass and inviting swing set, there are eerie legends that haunt this park. Odd sightings and sounds are no stranger to this area.

Owyhee Mountains – Murphy

Not only are the Owyhee Mountains the most rugged terrain Idaho has to offer, they also provide a spooky element. The area is said to generate quite a bit of paranormal activity. If you look past the legends, the Owyhees are home to all sorts of recreational activities including off-roading and hiking.

Mesa Falls – Ashton

Mesa Falls in Ashton is a well-known natural attraction in Idaho. The trails and lookouts around the falls provide instagrammable views. The falls stand as tall as a 10-story building and pour over remnants of an ancient volcanic super-eruption. The location is also known to have a haunting history, so visiting the falls after sunset may make your spine tingle!

Fort Hall Bottoms – Pingree

Many people don’t even know this fishermen’s maven exists. It is located along the Snake River on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. The springs at The Bottoms amount for 600 billion gallons of water in the Snake River Basin. This little fishing hole was one of Idaho’s best kept secrets and is known to provide one of the most productive fishing habitats in the state. However, it is also known for its unexplainable sightings and sounds. If you’re willing to risk the thrill, the fishing is unprecedented.

Shoshone Ice Caves – Shoshone

The Shoshone Ice Caves are one of the many natural wonders Idaho has to offer. Formed from a 1,000-foot lava tube, these explorable caves are known as the Ice Caves because temperatures can reach below freezing inside during any season of the year. Guided tours are offered and, whether it’s echos or ghosts, strange footsteps and voices have been reported by visitors.

Farragut State Park (The Brig) – Athol

Located at the southern tip of Lake Pend Oreille lies the 4,000-acre park known as Farragut State Park. Famous for camping and outdoor recreation, the park also features an old military jail building and a former naval training center. Along with history and education, The Brig also offers a good thrill! Spooky sightings have been reported as visitors navigate the area.

Lake Coeur d’Alene – Coeur d’Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene is known for being the second largest lake in Northern Idaho. It is 26 miles long with 135 miles of shoreline. Campgrounds, beaches, trails and recreational facilities line the shores. In the winter, a migrating population of Bald Eagles visit the area. They are there to feed off of the spawning Kokanee Salmon that offer another amazing spectacle themselves. However, while visiting the area, natural attractions may not be the only thing you see. Lake Coeur d’Alene also has a history of unexplainable sightings.

Yankee Fork – Challis

The Yankee Fork Ranger District sits in historical Challis, Idaho. Founded in 1878, challis is known as “The Wilderness Gateway.” The rich history coupled with the wide variety of outdoor activities makes Challis and the Yankee Fork Ranger District a great getaway for anyone – despite the little-known paranormal sightings in the area.