Waterworks-Lamson has built a company around a simple machine – the fly fishing reel. Founded in 1995 by a C1 Design Group, they are much more than a simple reel. Waterworks-Lamson specializes in innovating, inventing, designing and engineering their fishing reels unlike any other.

Although they are a fly fishing reel company, Waterworks-Lamson has roots in mountain biking.They took what they knew about mountain biking and applied it to fishing reels. With extensive designing, prototyping and testing, Waterworks-Lamson has created high quality fly fishing reels for every kind of fisherman. As they continue to grow globally, Waterworks-Lamson is developing many new products, like the new saltwater reel coming on the market soon.

Dedicated to making lightweight, quality, and performance driven reels, Waterworks-Lamson is always testing their gear. Located in Boise, Idaho, Waterworks-Lamson is close to many ideal fly fishing rivers. With the ability to test their products right in Idaho, Waterworks-Lamson is constantly improving technology. Lovers of the outdoors and innovation, Waterworks-Lamson is elated to be Tested in Idaho.


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