Speedy Sharp

A knife that won’t slice, a saw that won’t saw, an axe that won’t make the cut – If you’re a frequenter of the great outdoors, these are the things nightmares are made of. But with a Speedy Sharp in your pocket, they’re nightmares you’ll never have to experience.

Speedy Sharp is a simple, easy-to-use, handheld sharpener for just about anything that has an edge. With just a few quick swipes, the Micro 100 Super Carbide tip of the Speedy Sharp can make a hockey skate, hedge trimmers, backwoods knives, machetes and more return to a lethal cutting state. For wilderness-goers, having a Speedy Sharp on hand is as practical and necessary as having a screwdriver in the junk drawer at home.

More modern and user-friendly than the whetstone your dad uses, Speedy Sharp is the ideal addition to a tacklebox, bug out bag or field dressing pack, and it’s built with a quality that will “peel the steel” until you lose it.

The Speedy Sharp is built with user comfort in mind. Its vinyl grip is available in multiple colors and can be personalized with custom imprinting. From the garden to the backcountry and the kitchen to the lake, Speedy Sharp is made in the USA and Tested in Idaho.


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Meridian, Idaho