ROKMAN Waterproof

Protecting your gear is essential to a successful outdoor adventure, especially when you’re facing the elements of Idaho’s four seasons. Whether you’re hiking into a backcountry camp or packing out your latest harvest, finding a sturdy, dependable backpack that can keep your gear secure and free of water can be challenging. The founders of ROKMAN Waterproof saw this gap in the market and made it their mission to fill it with their weather-resistant pack systems and bags. 

“What sets us apart is that our packs are stackable, adaptable and 100% waterproof and dust proof,” says CEO, Brad Sponenburgh. “There are not many pack companies, if any, that have the ability to say that.” 

ROKMAN’s patented METAMORPH Quick-Change System allows each person to configure their pack in a multitude of ways for a comfortable, effective fit. No matter what kind of adventure you are embarking on in the great Idaho outdoors, ROKMAN’s mission is to make sure your gear stays safe and dry. ROKMAN is proudly Tested in Idaho.  

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St. Anthony, Idaho