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Devised with the notion that “good is never good enough,” Al Youngwerth knew he could invent a better clutch on his motorcycle than the one he was using. Rekluse, a motorcycle clutch manufacturer, began in 2002 when Al approached the TechHelp program at Boise State University. The program allowed Al to work with an engineering student to design, develop and prototype Al’s z-Start clutch concept. Long story short, it worked pretty well on the first try and Rekluse was born.

Created in Idaho’s capitol city, Rekluse now operates a state of the art manufacturing facility to make their products and continues to engineer and develop their products in-state. Rekluse employees love Idaho and appreciate the state’s accessibility to public lands. Being able to access a variety of different landscapes in Idaho allows Rekluse to quickly test their products allowing them to replicate their now world-wide customers different use conditions. Rekluse credits Idaho for the company’s success – with excellent quality of life and endless options for recreation, Rekluse embraces being Idaho made.

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Rekluse is close to many great testing grounds including the 8th street trail system in Boise’s foothills, the Sawtooth Mountains, the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains, the Owyhee Desert and the Owyhee Motorcycle Club in Boise to name a few. Rekluse is an advocate for multiple use trails and believes the riding terrain accessible in Idaho is second to none.

Rekluse now produces products for more than off-road motorcycles, giving street, adventure and off-road riders access to their industry leading clutch technologies. With every product created start to finish in Idaho, Rekluse is as Idahoan as it gets. Rekluse values being an Idaho company manufacturing their products in-state, and that’s why they are honored to sell products that have been Tested in Idaho.


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