ProTek is committed to producing exceptional timepieces that embody craftsmanship, innovation and timeless style. Its watches are known for their accuracy, durability and superior ProGlo™ illumination, which have made them popular among first responders and the Marines (ProTek is now an Official Watch of the U.S. Marine Corps). With a watch created for these “Pros” and success in this market segment, its list of quality features and the best lume technology available anywhere, they are also the ideal timepiece for the outdoor recreation enthusiast.

“The ethos of the brand is ‘no excuses and no compromises.’ That’s how we approach design. It’s [also] how we approach manufacturing, and the net result should be a product with zero problems,” says Barry Cohen, Managing Partner for the brand.

ProTek watches are equipped with a self-powered continuous illumination system that enables them to glow non-stop for 25 years without a need for an external light source to charge the dial and hands. This illuminating technology and outstanding quality providing constant visibility and dependability make them a key piece of gear to withstand the test of time and any element.

ProTek’s parent company, Time Concepts, also manufactures vintage-style timepieces through brands Szanto and Hawaiian Lifeguard Association Watches. ProTek is proudly Tested in Idaho.

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Boise, Idaho