On Glass Adapter

If basking in the breathtaking views is one of the many highlights of an outdoor adventure, then glimpsing magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat is the cherry on top.

What’s even better – especially for hunters – is capturing those moments to show off or use for trip planning later. But taking clear photos through any type of scope can be tricky. That’s why Zach Adams created the On Glass Adapter, which makes backcountry photography through any spotting scope or pair of binoculars easy by conveniently using your mobile phone.

With his adapter, Adams eliminated the need for large, expensive cameras and lenses to capture wildlife from far away.

“I’ve been hunting and fishing outdoors all my life and using opticts throughout my time in the military,” says Adams, who spent seven years of active duty in the Air Force before pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. “I always had this idea that I could combine my skills to improve the existing products available on the market.”

Using a magnetic mounting plate that attaches to the back of any phone, the On Glass Adapter aligns the phone’s camera lens with the optic’s eyepiece to create perfect visibility for capturing quality photos at great distances.

On Glass Adapter is proudly Tested in Idaho.

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