Headwaters Bamboo

In the Clark Fork and St. Joe rivers, near Sandpoint, Idaho, you’ll often see the water’s edge dotted with fly fishermen casting flies and reeling in rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout. Headwaters Bamboo is on a mission to make that meditative experience accessible to all anglers through their line of affordable, high-quality fly-fishing gear, headlined by hand-crafted bamboo fly rods.

David Rogers established Headwaters in 2002 with a back-to-basics focus on the craftsmanship of fly rods. His bamboo rods come in 14 sizes to accommodate for different combinations of length and line weight. Producing hundreds of rods each year, David can offer bamboo fly rods to a larger audience though a price point that’s a fraction of the typical cost.

Don’t let the price fool you; each rod has more than 50 hours of labor put into its manufacturing. On top of that, Headwaters Bamboo fly rods come with a lifetime warranty and 30-day manufacturer’s guarantee. Most importantly, these rods are timeless. The Headwaters Bamboo product established 17 years ago is tried and true, allowing fishermen to feel good about the renewable, sustainably-sourced rod they’re casting with.

For David, combining bamboo with the rec-tech industry doesn’t stop at fishing. Up next: bamboo ski poles. Watch for the upcoming launch of Booyah! ski poles, hand-built in Sandpoint and Tested in Idaho.


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Sandpoint, Idaho