Gorilla Gold

One of the key requirements in almost any sport is to be able to hold on to the ball, bat, stick, racket or club. So when sweat, humidity or wet conditions make it difficult to hang on, it’s a good thing there’s Gorilla Gold to help you get a grip. 

In 1998, Pat Dugan was a house painter and a tennis coach in Lewiston, Idaho, when he realized he was having difficulty holding onto his tennis racket due to sweat. That’s when Dugan leaned on his painting experience to engineer an unexpected solution. 

On the job site, Dugan regularly used tack cloth—a type of cloth used to wipe up loose debris and dust without leaving residue on a surface—which sparked an idea for solving his gripping problem. He wondered if he could use a cloth for the opposite purpose: leaving residue—a sticky one—on the surface of his racket grip. This concept led to the creation of Gorilla Gold Grip Enhancer—a cotton cloth filled with a specially formulated compound that absorbs sweat and oil and leaves behind a waterproof tacky feel on sports equipment. Co-owner, Tom Donahoe, was also having issues with tennis elbow. He noted, “After using Gorilla Gold for three or four months, I noticed I could play tennis as much as I wanted and have better control with less effort.”

Today, Gorilla Gold makes cloths specially designed for a plethora of sports and is sold internationally among a variety of professional leagues. 

Born in Lewiston and sold all over the world, Gorilla Gold is proudly Tested in Idaho.

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