Dango Design

Shortly after his first introduction to 3D design, Dan Goffman recognized what this ability could enable him to do – transform his ideas into reality and do so from virtually anywhere in the world. After a decade of working in design and product development for corporations like Caterpillar and Polaris, he decided to take his own path toward creativity and freedom. He sold his Midwestern home and everything in it, packed up a trailer and headed West where he started what is now best known as Dango Design.

Based in Cocollala, Idaho, Dango Design is a product design and development company that specializes in the power sports industry. Unlike other firms, the crew at Dango Design will step in at any point of the design or development process with innovative ideas and cost-effective solutions to overcome obstacles and bring ideas to life. In addition, Dango Design has developed a handful of products including a GoPro gripper mount to support the adventure seeker lifestyle – a lifestyle that they love and live every day. The crew at Dango puts each product “through rigorous rounds of product development and field testing to ensure optimal performance in the moments that matter most.” Dango Design was created to empower fellow thrill seekers to develop high quality performance equipment and has found success in delivering exceptional service knowing their products have been Tested in Idaho.


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Cocollala, Idaho