Club Ride

There’s nothing like feeling uncomfortable in a pair of spandex to give you inspiration. Nine years ago, Club Ride founder Mike Herlinger was riding his bicycle in Sun Valley, Idaho. After a great ride through the mountains, he planned to go get a drink with some friends. Decked out in his bike gear, he did not feel it was appropriate to go into Lefty’s wearing spandex. In this moment, Mike was inspired to create Club Ride.

Club Ride is a Sun Valley, Idaho, company that makes bike apparel comfortable and efficient for bike riding, yet stylish and appropriate for other day to day activities. Club Ride makes it easy to go from biking on your favorite trail to eating at your favorite restaurant. Employees love to test out their Club Ride clothes when biking to work and while on the hundreds of trails that Idaho has to offer. In Sun Valley, everyone is looking for an adventure; it’s this lifestyle that has made Club Ride the success it is today. Club Ride offers a variety of products for men and women that are “built for performance” and “designed for life.” To showcase their products and the Gem State they call home, Club Ride recently did a catalog shoot and tour around Boise, Twin Falls and Kimberly. Club Ride loves their products and they love that their products are Tested in Idaho.


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Sun Valley, Idaho