Annihilator Broadheads

Annihilator Broadheads was born on the idea of marrying design concepts of bullet projectiles with archery hunting broadheads to create cavitation and bring new efficiencies to the bowhunting experience that were not otherwise available. Founded by co-owners Brandon Brodie and Micah Brown, the Annihilator was unleashed in May of 2019. The customer feedback from the first hunting season was so incredible they could not make the products fast enough. The duo were clearly onto something.

“In January 2020, we went to the Archery Trade Association show and won the gold award for New Product Launch. We were the smallest booth, tucked back in a corner, and won the biggest award you could ever ask for in the industry, which is pretty cool. Ever since then, we’ve grown significantly,” said Brodie.

The product idea was sparked as Brodie, Brown and friends sat around a campfire on a hunt talking about a bull elk they were unable to recover. As they discussed what happened, talk turned to the tools of the trade and the various arrowhead designs on the market. The group agreed all the products on the market offered room for improvement and so they began sketching out what they thought would make a better-performing broadhead.

The 2D concept turned into reality when Brodie and Brown spent the next two years testing the product in several environments across Idaho. The single-piece design is durable, intending to last a lifetime.

“If you’re going to take the shot, you might as well do the best that you can to recover that animal. I think we owe it as hunters to that animal. [That’s why] we target customers that care about the ethics of what they’re doing.”

Users of Annihilator broadheads can expect to watch the vast majority of animals fall within sight after a shot—something never previously accomplished by an archery component. Annihilator Broadheads are compatible with traditional and compound bows, crossbows and are fully manufactured and tested in Idaho.

You can find the company’s products online and in over 450 retail shops around the world.


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Star, Idaho