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Some of the best ideas are resting just below the surface. For Bentz Boats, below the surface is precisely where it all began. In 1966, Darell Bentz and his friends discovered a sunken jet boat in the Clearwater River. After salvaging the wreckage, the group launched the just-for-fun project of recovering the engine and building a new boat. That project became the first of many boats and the initial spark for Bentz Boats, which would emerge in 1972.

Bentz Boats is a company in Lewiston, Idaho, that makes custom aluminum recreation and commercial jet boats. Now owned and operated by Darell’s son, Bryan, the company has continued Darell’s legacy by producing high quality boats, designed and built to fit each customer’s wants and needs. You can find their boats all over the world in places like South America, India, Australia, Nepal, the Artic, Alaska and of course, Idaho. In addition to the endless options for customization, Bentz Boats also has incredible customer service. The company is so dedicated to their customers’ satisfaction that they once personally delivered a boat all the way to the Arctic, and then flew back home.

Bentz Boats embraces being an Idaho company and has found Lewiston to be the perfect home for Bentz Boats, given it is known as the “jet boat capital of the world.” With the Clearwater River, the Salmon River and the Snake River all in Lewiston, it has proven to be the ideal place for Bentz Boats to manufacture and test their boats. The rugged rivers of Lewiston provide extraordinary testing grounds for Bentz Boats that can’t be found in any other state. Bentz Boats also enjoys being in Idaho because of family roots. As a family operated company, Idaho has been home to many of the employees at Bentz Boats. With gratitude for working in such a spectacular state, Bentz Boats is excited to be a part of Tested in Idaho.


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