Growing up in Idaho, Dave Adamson enjoyed shooting, but continuously worried about the noise carrying throughout the mountains and the impact shooting had on his hearing. He recognized the importance of suppressors and that need, coupled with his extensive experience in machining, led to the creation of StingerWorx.

StingerWorx suppressors are built with a focus on high-end products created from innovation and ultramodern technology. In fact, the StingerWorx Emperor Series Suppressor was recognized as a top 10 new product during the 2017 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show and Field & Stream recognized the StingerWorx Hunter Suppressor as one of the top new products at the 2019 SHOT Show. Boasting features like 100% titanium parts, a non-welded Stinger Baffle system and a replaceable baffle stack, StingerWorx blows the competition away.

Suppressors aren’t the only thing on Dave’s mind, however. With their skill set and access to production equipment, Dave and his business partner, Craig Cornwall, have the potential to launch new product lines in different sports, including those inspired by Craig himself who races handcycles internationally.

If it shoots, goes fast, flies or enables people to take their adventures to the next level, you can guarantee StingerWorx is finding a way to join in the fun. This crew takes pride in ensuring their products are designed, built, manufactured and Tested in Idaho.


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