The name speaks for itself; Unique-ARs exists to create a one of a kind accessories for AR-15s. Back in 2011, they wanted to do something above and beyond. The long-time gun enthusiasts were looking for an extraordinary way to outfit their AR-15 and soon discovered what they were seeking did not yet exist. They began making custom handguards for themselves and friends from inside the owner’s garage in McCall, Idaho, and took to the outdoors surrounding McCall to test and improve their new creations before launching a full-blown company.

Unique-ARs crafts custom handguards for shooters around the world who want to personalize their rifles with an exclusive accessory. Their products outfit firearms and airsoft rifles in several countries and include a lineup of stock items in addition to custom projects. Unique-ARs works with individuals and companies to create handguards detailed custom colors, logos, designs and concepts. There is no idea too big or small – if you can think it, they can make it.

Ran as a family business, the tight-knit crew at Unique-ARs is family-oriented and addicted to the outdoors. They can be found several places outside the office, like on the local hockey team, volunteering at Little Ski Hill, on a mountain bike at Jug Mountain Ranch or fighting fire with McCall Fire Department. With some of Idaho’s best outdoor recreation neighboring their headquarters, Unique-ARs is eager to continue practicing their passion and selling products that have been Tested in Idaho.

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