Sego Ski Co.

Sego Ski Company started out as a dream. A group of friends shared a passion for skiing and a vision for a company that would shake things up in the ski industry. The crew dreamed of a company that operated with a wholesale-driven business model, utilizing in-house manufacturing instead of outsourcing, and offering products that were reasonably priced without diminishing quality.

Today, that vision has been brought to life as Sego Ski Company. Owned by two brothers and located in the Teton Valley, Sego Ski Company’s Victor, Idaho, shop houses the company’s offices, manufacturing facility, showroom, sales floor and has a full tune shop in the winter. Sego Skis can be found in over 45 locations across the U.S. and Canada and can be bought directly from the company in Victor.

To produce their distinguished gear, Sego starts with good materials, then designs every piece in-house. The company currently has 16 models available – 11 men’s skis and 5 women’s skis – and offer a product for every type of skiing. Their skis are versatile from model to model and they offer a diverse lineup that maintains the super high-quality Sego Skis have come to be known for. Unlike many companies in the industry, women are not an afterthought and they are one of few companies to have a specific design for women’s skis rather than a tailored version of products designed for men.

Realizing that making skis is not easy on the environment, Sego Ski Co. strives to reduce their footprint by sourcing materials from nearby partners, staying conscious of what materials are being used on their products and reusing products and scrap materials for design testing and other art projects as often as possible.

Being a company that dwells at the base of some of the most incredible mountains in the nation, the crew at Sego Ski Co. takes full advantage of their backyard. Skiing, hiking and biking, Sego Ski Company is proud to call Idaho their home and proud to be a part of Tested in Idaho.


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