Lone Cone

Annalisa DeMarta and Ken Johnson were living in upstate New York, chasing around their three small children and running an eCommerce business selling rare and collectible books. Times were busy and the couple quickly learned just how valuable a little time saved here and there could be. Ken and Annalisa wondered how they could better balance growing their business with raising their family.

Ultimately, they decided to pack up their life on the East Coast and moved to Ken’s hometown of Boise, Idaho, for the exceptional quality of life it offered. At the same time, Annalisa and Ken shifted the focus of their business to help other young families experience a better quality of life, too. That’s how their company, Lone Cone, was born.

Lone Cone creates and sells kids’ products that help them be more independent while making parents’ lives easier. Every product is designed to be easy to use and clean, and is made from safe, non-toxic materials. Lone Cone’s waders, rain boots, snow boots, backpacks and lunchboxes are all built with the modern family in mind, for whom finding time to spend together is difficult but important. Lone Cone products recognize that time saved getting everyone dressed, packed up and out the door is time available for adventures.

Applying what they had learned through developing their own product line and a successful eCommerce model, Annalisa and Ken launched Lone Cone Pro. This division of the company has allowed them to become an important partner to a growing number of brands in the outdoor industry. Lone Cone Pro helps these brands market and sell their products more effectively on Amazon.

For Annalisa and Ken, field-testing products in the Boise Foothills or in the mountains around Stanley has become one of their favorite things to do. Whether it’s taking taking the kids sledding in a new snow boot prototype or demoing a partner brand’s latest gear on a family camping trip, Lone Cone proudly offers products that have been Tested in Idaho.


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Boise, Idaho