How to pick the best sunglasses for you! 4/30/2019 in #testedinidaho, Apparel

We worked with the experts at Proof Eyewear to help us find the perfect sunglasses. Here are their top four tips! 

1. What Do You Want Them to Do? Are you frames going on a run with you? Ski trip? Hike? Or are they to accessorize your best outfit? Knowing what you want the frames to do for you will help you narrow your search.

2. What is your budget? We believe that the best frames do require a good investment, but that means something different to everybody. Know your budget and stay clear of anything above it!

3. Which Frame is Best for Your Face Shape? This isn’t common knowledge, so here is some information for both men and women!

  • Heart:
    • Male: browline, retro square, sport
    • Female: cat eye, browline, retro square
  • Round:
    • Male: aviator, retro square, square
    • Female: cat eye, oversized, square
  • Oval:
    • Male: aviator, retro square, round
    • Female: aviator, oversized, retro square
  • Square:
    • Male: aviator, browline, round
    • Female: aviator, browline, round

4. What Color is Right for You? Our favorite part! Neutral colors go with everything, but if you want to work with your skin undertone, here’s some tips:

  • Pink undertone: silver, soft bronze, cool tones
  • Yellow undertone: gold, copper metals


Trending Frames //

Round – example: the Sundance


Patterns – example: the Scout

Mirrored Lenses – example: the Wilder

Sustainable – example: the Tamarack