Asana Climbing Giveaway 4/26/2019

  Whether you’re an expert or just learning the ropes, there are essential tools every climber needs. Some of the essentials include chalk, and a chalk bag and brush. In honor of climbing week, Tested company, Asana Climbing Gym, would like to hook you up with these three must-haves... Read more »

Climbing Gear Giveaway! 4/24/2019

Get geared up for your next climbing adventure, just in time to celebrate Climbing Week! Tested in Idaho is giving away eight Krieg Climbing chalk bags and multiclavas. These prize sets are a must-have for a climber, no matter your ability. Tested in Idaho fans will have eight opportunities... Read more »


Photo courtesy of Idaho Tourism Whether you’re new to rock climbing or a seasoned veteran, Idaho’s rugged, diverse geography offers a playground of traditional, sport, top-rope and bouldering for all levels. Here’s a roundup of four great climbing destinations from each part of the Gem State. 1. Q’emilin Park... Read more »

Kreig Climbing: Chalk Bags to Backpacks 11/8/2018

It’s a crisp, sunny Thursday morning in Pocatello, Idaho. The sun has just come up over the hills, casting warm rays over the city and thawing a large rock face that has become a favorite for local climbers. As the city wakes up, the air is filled with sounds... Read more »

Tested in Idaho Road Show 11/8/2018

Recently, the Tested in Idaho team hit the road to meet current and potential Tested in Idaho companies during our first road show. It was a great opportunity to get to know the awesome people making amazing outdoor gear in Idaho. Traveling to Hailey, Ketchum, Idaho Falls, Driggs, Victor... Read more »

The Most Essential Climbing Gear 8/27/2016

When heading out to climb, many of us do a simple gear check. Helmet, Harness, shoes, rope, draws? Check. But remember, the most essential climbing gear, your chalk bag. Yes, that is right, your chalk bag is the most essential climbing gear pieces you will ever own. Many think... Read more »