Lone Cone Rain Boots Giveaway 5/15/2018

Rain, Shine, Puddles & Playtime  Who said these waterproof wellies were just for the rain? Bust out these darling boots and your little one is set for jumping in puddles, splashing in the creek, playing on the riverbank or squishing around in the mud. Lone Cone’s super cute patterns... Read more »

Six Gear Gifts Ideas for Mother’s Day 5/9/2018

With spring and summer celebrations in full swing, the season for travel upon us and Mother’s Day right around the corner, you probably have more than one lucky lady to buy a gift for. Why not get her something to use on her next outdoor adventure? Check out these... Read more »

12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Idaho 4/20/2018

We’re pretty lucky to be in Idaho. There aren’t many places in the nation or even the world where you can experience natural wonders. From rolling whitewater rapids to bubbling hot springs, wooded forest trails to pristine mountain peaks, shimmering sand dunes to soaring stone spires – Idaho is... Read more »

There’s Something Fishy About This Giveaway… 1/23/2018

With snowy excursions growing few and far between, upcoming spring adventures are undoubtedly wandering through the minds of many. Famous for superb trout, salmon and steelhead fishing and home to some of the best fishing waters in the nation, it only makes sense for Idaho to be the origin... Read more »

For Those on Santa’s Adventure List 12/20/2017

Any active individual can tell you how important it is to stay hydrated. The same folks will likely be able to tell you how annoying it is to carry around a water bottle while out on an adventure. Good news; the crew at Eberlestock has your back (pun intended)... Read more »

Winter called. She said come out and play! 12/5/2017

Much of Idaho has been covered by the familiar, glistening blanket of winter. While the freshly fallen snow seems to coat the world with a quiet calmness, Idaho seems to awaken. Hikers have turned in their boots for snowshoes, cyclists have layered up for a fat bike ride and... Read more »

Sunshine on a Snowy Day 11/22/2017

What piece of gear is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer? Sunglasses! If you’ve ever left slopes with a sunburn and tired face muscles from squinting all day, you’re probably nodding in agreement right now. Proof knows the importance of protecting your eyes... Read more »

Stay Cozy & Climbing Through the Winter 11/7/2017

Temps are dropping, leaves are falling and snow is piling up on mountain peaks. By looks of it, it’s about time to pull out the winter gear and suit up for snow. For our next giveaway, we teamed up with two Tested in Idaho companies to make sure one... Read more »

Spillage and Spandex Not Included 10/24/2017

Be honest – how many minutes have you wasted rummaging through a drawer looking for the lid to your water bottle? Too many? Same for Liquid Hardware founder Steve Kitto. He spent far too much time and energy searching for lids, meanwhile spilling drinks and showering shirts in the... Read more »